BalletFleming – The Myth and the Madness of Edgar Allan Poe

The Myth and The Madness of Edgar Allan Poe
March 2012
Mandell Theatre, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

Christopher Fleming’s Myth and the Madness of Edgar Allan Poe depicts an abstract re-telling of the short, painful life of Edgar Allan Poe and his descent into madness. Abandoned by his father and disowned by his foster father, Edgar Allan Poe retreated to the women in his life to find emotional stability and comfort, but it was not to be. Disease was common, and seemingly all who held Poe’s adoration succumbed to fatal epidemics.

Without these demons, crushing poverty, and his own haunting discontentment, one can scarcely imagine that the depths of Poe’s dark genius and macabre visions would have ever seen the light of day. But now for the first time in Philadelphia, in more than just prose and poetry on a page, the lifework and spirit of Edgar Allan Poe are transported to the ballet stage. While the uniting of the written word and the movement of ballet is nothing new, renowned ballet choreographer Christopher Fleming has created a ballet that will take word and dance into an eerie, mysterious direction and onto the stage.