Brandywine Ballet – Dracula Trailer

Brandywine Ballet
by Nancy Page, Music by Various Artists
October 26-27, Emilie K. Asplundh Concert Hall

Based on the 19th century Bram Stoker novel, Nancy Page’s Dracula tells of a forbidden Victorian romance between beautiful Mina and centuries-old, vampire prince Count Dracula. The drama intensifies on stage, drawing audiences into an action-packed adventure and emotional love story, in which Mina’s heart and very soul is at stake! In addition to impeccable soloing, sensual pas de deux, and exhilarating ensemble dancing, Nancy Page’s Dracula includes sets of eerily lit castles and sun-drenched terraces; tantalizing costumes and suspenseful sword battles; artfully gory makeup design and ghoulish suspense; as well as an emotionally moving musical score.