Courtyard Dancers – Excerpts From Weavers & Asunder

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Courtyard Dancers production- “Asunder”, a contemporary dance-theater based on Kathak, Thumri, Baul music and poetry. Performed at Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia “Asunder” is a search for what once was and never shall be again: an undivided India. “Asunder” evokes

ANI in the Field

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No words, Just natures Sounds What would ANI be saying?! Choreography by Animated ANI

Kulu Mele African Dance & Drum Ensemble 2016

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Check out Kulu Mele’s new promotional video for 2016! Produced by The PHILO Project,

2014 Philadelphia Flamenco Festival

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Philadelphia’s second bi-annual Flamenco Festival will have its two-week run from March 1-16, 2014, boasting a series of lectures, film screenings, master classes and performances by internationally acclaimed contemporary flamenco artists from Spain, Israel and Pastora Galván, and Rosario Toledo.

Kulu Mele – Guinea Lamban

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Guinea Lamban Kulu Mele March 2008 Dress rehearsal of Kulu Mele performing Guinea Lamban

Usiloquy Dance Designs Bharatanatyam

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Chaat Usiloquy Dance Designs Feb 16, 2010 Chaat challenges the conventional perception of Indian classical dance Bharatanatyam, reinterpreting it as a powerful social language that encourages a dialogue in the community about the universal links between dance, food and