June 13, 2013
CEC- Community Education Center

Convergence: Life is a web of communities we share with family, friends, elders and ancestors. With each connection we challenge and grow alongside one another. “Convergence” shines sunlight onto this dewy web so we may recognize many paths, how we cycle, repeat, and revise, not apart from, but as a part of our mother home. Music – Song, Year, Artist: Excerpts- by Lovella Calica 2013, Adam- Meshell Ndegeocello 1999, Seis por Ocho- Nuspirit Helsinki 2002 Costume Info: Made by Jennifer Turnbull Choreographer: Jennifer Turnbull Filmed By: Jere Paolini Edited By: Jennifer Turnbull BareTeeth is joined by Charlyn Magdaline of Sanctuary Wholistic Arts, Lauren Williams and a crew of pedestrian movers. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts. This year our lives weaved together converging experience, laughter, love, and personal resource to our dance lives. Thank you crew! BARETEETH Performance Crew is a multi-disciplinary and experimental dance theater collective that pushes on pre-prescribed boundaries concerning identity, survival, and transcendence. As a multi-racial, and predominantly women, transgender and queer identified crew we are balancing the power of whose stories are told on stage how OUR bodies and voices choose to amplify them. BARETEETH provokes visceral response and dialogue from audience and community members and aims to contribute to social and cultural transformation. We dance to heal. We dance to embody A N D envision our own freedom, and the freedom of our people across time, space and dimension. For more information contact Jennifer Turnbull @