Face Da Phlave Dance Education & Theatre

Face Da Phlave Dance Education and Theatre is a Hip Hop based dance company out of Philadelphia. Styles upon Styles is the description of how we express ourselves through Hip Hop Dance and its culture. Face Da Phlave has traveled around the world touring, performing, teaching many workshops as well as continuing to learn. This video shows a little about us and our passion for dance as well as the importance of keeping true hip hop foundation and expression relevant. Face Da Phlave is currently known for “HOOD LOCKING” a style in which is used to express happiness and versatility. This HOOD LOCKING style coincides with everyday life for the members of Face Da Phlave. This is our passion and we will dance forever!

Styles upon styles is a small documentary of actual moments of complete freestyle raw and uncut. Sometimes it clean but most time its Dirty! Peace Love and Hair Greece from Phlave Family!