Koresh Dance – evolution

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Koresh Dance Company revisits A gritty and timeless Koresh work, evž-ož-luž-tion premiered in 2009. Now reimagined for a new cast, it explores dance as the visceral form of expression that predates spoken language. From the choreographer: “Expression is fundamental to

Le Mouvement Cafe Preview

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SomaticMovers Music Credit: Rene Aubry Photography Credit: Bill Hebert, Kaitlin Chow, Gerald Hilton Choreography: Kelly Adorno Performers: Nakia Jones, Sarah Herrmann, Dawn Mazzola, Caroline’Brien Info: http://www.somaticmovers.com

Koresh Dance Company 2014

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Touring Promotional Video 2014


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INVISIBLE RIVER – a public art and boating event on the Schuylkill River! Travel in a flotilla of 65+ boats witnessing live dance, music and sculpture installations on the river’s shores, waters and air spaces. Saturday, July 12th and Sunday,

BalletX brings Happy to Philadelphia

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The BalletX dancers and staff traveled around the city of Philadelphia asking people to dance with them, and the response was incredible! Dancers of all ages and skill levels showed their skills on the streets of Philadelphia, in front of

Megan Mazarick – gunslinger

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choreography by Megan Mazarick lighting design by Les Rivera May 16, 2014 Shiloh Baptist Church, 2040 Christian Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146 gunslinger is a dance western choreographed by Megan Mazarick and performed by Gina Hoch-Stall, Kelsey Ludwig, Wendell Gray, Miles

To The Stars

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Music: “To The Stars” by Erin Mckeown Choreography by Jenn Rose Performed by: Katie Haldeman, Pam Hetherington, Samantha Pearlman, Samantha Shepherd, Kelsey Zolochik Filmed & Edited by: Jenn Rose 5/30/2014 www.iamjennrose.com There is something much bigger than me. There is

BalletX partners with Andrew Jackson School for a new afterschool dance outreach program

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Dance eXchange Presented by PECO BalletX partners with Andrew Jackson School for a new afterschool dance outreach program Final performance of Dance eXchange with the students of Andrew Jackson May 22, 2014 6:30-7:15pm Caplan Center for the Performing Arts Terra

Anna Noble – Improvisation

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Philadelphia Dance Photo Project Filmed by Juan C. Irizarry 05/17/2014 Globe Dye Works- Philadelphia PA Dancer Anna Noble with an improvisation during our photo shoot.