Philly TAP Challenge 09 ON FIRE pictorial review

Philly Tap Challenge

Philly TAP Challenge is dedicated to assist in keeping Philadephia’s tap dance community alive and vibrant. We hope you will join us — and also support all the other tap events demonstrating the vitality and legacy of Philly Tap!

From rehearsal to the stage – Philly Tap Challenge ’09  with Chloe Arnold, Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards, Jason Samuels-Smith, Tony, Nicole & Cathie Nicholas, Karen Callaway Williams, Delphine T. Mantz, Jaye Allison, Geri Kennedy, the Jr. Belles, Monnette Sudler, Carla Krochak, Pamela Hetherington, Robert F. Burden Jr, Corinne Karon, Tim Yue, Darrell & D’Andrea Williams and Matriarch – Dianne Walker!