Garden of Delights

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from Zornitsa Stoyanova A short experimental film – psychedelic and sexy – the female body becomes the other, a monster, an alien, a myth-constantly dividing and eating itself.

Chrysalis by Zornitsa Stoyanova

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An experimental dance film, chrysalis is a study of shifting perspectives, surreal imagery and emerging and falling horizons. Created and conceived by Zornitsa Stoyanova as part of her ongoing research in using Mylar sculptures and the moving body. chrysalis: -a

situation: becoming – trailer

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at thefidget space situation: becoming April 12, 2013  2pm-6pm Performed by Megan Bridge, Zornitsa Stoyanova, Mauri Walton, and Annie Wilson, situation: becoming‘s choreography oscillates at the juncture of the post-human and the every day, thinking and dancing through the concepts of citation, appropriation,