Tori Lawrence + Co. – Elizabeth trailer

Tori Lawrence + Co.
December 2012

Elizabeth is scheduled to premiere at the Barnes Foundation (December 14, 2012 at 6:30PM). Set in a historic 18th century home and its surrounding fields, it is a quiet journey between two women, accompanied by the rich soundscapes of musicians Vicki Brown and Mona Chambers. It is for the wanderers of the fields who dwell in sadness, loss, and flight. And it is for those who are drowning, both inside and out.

Choreographer/Director: Tori Lawrence
Dancers: Lora Allen, Ashley Lippolis
Filmmaker/Photographer: Christopher Landy (Aperture Pictures and Post)
Original Music: Vicki Brown, Mona Chambers
Editors: Christopher Landy, Tori Lawrence
Sound Editor: John Baker (Philadelphia Post)
Costume Design: Ellen Fishel
Filming assistants: Emily Herchenroether, Emmanuel Parke Arthur

Special thanks to Historic York, Inc., Pennsylvania Film Office, Aperture Pictures and Post, Inc., Philadelphia Post, Morgan Stanley, Franklin & Marshall College Theatre/Dance/Film Dept., The Barnes Foundation, CRED Magazine, Drager Farm, Malibu Ecologica, Benjamin’s Shoe Repair, Mascher Space Cooperative, and Kirkland Farm.